You're smart and dog friendly

We're reinventing doggie health. Could this be ruv?

We are driven. We are on a mission to get dogs and humans healthy together.

We are obsessed. We are addicted to delivering experiences that enrich lives. We’re one of the most passionate, yet laid back teams you’ll ever work with. We are MIT grads and former employees of Ferrari, Deutsche Bank, Hawaiian Tropic, Philips, Apple, Samsung, Parrot, Withings and other brands that you may or may not recognize.

We recently relocated from NYC to KC. We’re a Techstars + Pipeline company headquartered at the Sprint Accelerator in the heart of the KC Animal Health Corridor. We’re also alumni of Friends of eBay in NYC.

Our investors are phenomenal cheerleaders. They include Techstars, Sprint, TiE Angels as well as Michael Tamaru, CFO of Coin and former CFO of Jawbone.

Our advisors are pretty accomplished. They include Sharon Feder, CDO at Rachael Ray and ex-COO of Mashable, as well as Seth Casteel, arguably the most prominent pet photographer on earth.

We work across a bunch of technologies. Mechanical & electronic design, embedded software development, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Web, watch apps and more.

We are a consumer company. Our customers include Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Staples?and more.

We are a data company. Each new dog we enroll anonymously contributes to the largest health & lifestyle canine database on earth. For the first time ever, we’re mapping out the healthy and behavior of all the dogs out there. We’re thrilled to enable clinical studies that help assess the effectiveness of new drugs and treatments in collaboration with top North American, European and Australian institutions. We love science. We believe in open data, so we created an API that plenty of developers, companies and scientific institutions are tapping into.

We are a flat organization. The amount of bureaucracy you will find here is close to zero. The amount of politics you will find here is close to zero. If you need a structured environment to function properly, look around – those corporations are smiling at you.

We focus on results. Here you’ll thrive if you enjoy running independently with full responsibility for the product you deliver, as well as your vacation schedules. Here you’ll thrive if you enjoy spending a little extra time putting in place processes that will simplify everybody’s life in future iterations. Here you’ll thrive if you are disciplined.

We move fast. We’re all about testing a bunch of things and sticking with one or two – until we find something that works better.

We are not afraid. We make mistakes every single day, multiple times a day. We have no problem acknowledging them and laughing at them. The day we’ll stop making mistakes will be a sad day. Occasionally, a dog who may or may not be fluffy cheers us up so we may keep pushing forward.

“Life is just like coffee. You can add all the sugar you want but if want to make it sweet, you have to stir it. By staying still nothing happens.” – Alex Zanardi

So you think you're a FitBarker?

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Open Positions

Customer Support Technician (Kansas City, MO)

Do you want to save someone’s day today? We’re seeking service-minded humans to join our team as a full-time Customer Support Technician. Successful candidates are passionate about helping dogs and their humans and are comfortable learning about new technologies.

What will you do?

  • Be a hero for our customers from 140+ countries by solving general and tech-related problems
  • Be a friendly advisor to pet healthcare professionals who are learning how to use our platform
  • Triage, validate, and escalate emerging and potential customer-facing issues
  • Build and send periodic reports that include top contact drivers, RMA data and status updates on bugs
  • Collect user feedback that we’ll periodically review to improve our products and our processes
  • Test and be a subject matter expert for?FitBark’s?hardware and software products and services
  • Create?templates, internal/external articles, product manuals/FAQs, and training content

Our ideal candidate:

  • Is focused, patient, and solutions-oriented
  • Enjoys troubleshooting technology and helping others
  • Is comfortable learning about a variety of technology platforms
  • Is able to manage multiple applications running at the same time
  • Has top-notch listening skills
  • Is self-motivated, stays on task, and takes initiative
  • Is the go-to person friends and family call on for help with their apps and gadgets


  • High school diploma/GED and 1+ years of customer service experience preferred
  • Demonstrated professionalism and calm under pressure with a focus on proactive communication and problem solving
  • Dog?friendly with great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Working knowledge of reporting with Microsoft Excel and basic knowledge of agile boards, creating and filtering tickets
  • Available to work out of our office downtown Kansas City, MO
  • Open to the possibility to flex up or down on hours depending on business needs
  • Pass a pre-employment background check and drug screen

To apply, please contact us.

We don't have any other open positions at this time. Think we should create one for you? Get in touch and let us know.

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